Bathrooms are where we clean up, freshen up, do our make-up, relax, and renew ourselves. If your bathroom is stressing you out instead of relaxing you, it may be time to refresh the look and feel of this very important room. 

Is it an eyesore?

Crazy colors, odd moisture stains, mildewed caulk, and dysfunctional fixtures all indicate that it’s time to renovate. Many homeowners are creating a spa-like feel by replacing dated floors, walls, and cabinetry with neutral tones of white, gray, or beige. Love pops of brighter colors? Stick to cheaper and easy-to-swap-out towels, mats, accessories, and shower curtains to add that brightness. The bones of your bathroom should be classic, and timeless. 

Is it stinky?

If your bathroom smells of mildew, urine, or worse, it’s time to urgently investigate the cause. Moldy caulk can be stripped and replaced with clean, white, new caulk. That shower curtain the kids never pull shut can be replaced with a glass door that keeps the floor dry for the first time in years. And speaking of that floor, check around your tub, shower, and toilet area for soft spots that indicate the subfloor has rotted and needs to be replaced. Replace the wax ring under your toilet to keep waste from leaking. 

Is it leaking?

Check the ceilings on the floor below your bathroom, too. If you see water stains, something is/has been leaking. It’s worth renovating to stop that problem! Letting a leak continue, even a little one, can cost thousands of dollars in damages down the road. 

Is it crowded?

Are you so short on storage that every surface is covered in products and appliances? It’s definitely time to do a bathroom renovation. Whether you choose a vanity with more storage, add a linen closet, or simply change the layout to add wall space for shelving or wall cabinets, you’ll appreciate being able to put everything away and leave surfaces clean and clear. 

Are you selling?

Make sure your bathroom is a selling-point instead of a worrisome future DIY project for buyers. Minimal updates can make buyers feel good without breaking your budget.