Flipping homes and commercial real estate isn’t just about the creative fulfillment of seeing the great bones in a building and then making the most of them…it’s also about running a profitable business.

The Kemp Group knows the neighborhood real estate markets in Central Ohio, inside and out. That can be invaluable to local investors. We can help you flip more effectively.

How to Profitably Flip Homes in Columbus with Kemp Group

  1. Find the perfect fixer-upper. REALTORs with deep ties to the communities they serve, often hear of homes coming on the market before the public does. We can also help you target areas that are on a steady uphill trend. Knowing which neighborhoods are heating up can take some of the anxiety out of a purchase. 
  2. Set the budget. Experienced flippers know that you CAN price yourself out of a sale or a profit by sinking too much into a single build. The Kemp Group can use our resources and experience to help you target your selling price, so you can set your budget accordingly. 
  3. Target the buyers. Our REALTORS know buyers. We know what’s trending in wish lists all over Columbus, and can help you target the upgrades and features that will earn the most interest from the buyers in our area. 
  4. Negotiate. It can be hard to negotiate a sale when you are still brushing the drywall dust off your jacket. You have just invested enormous amount of sweat, worry, and time into flipping a trashed house into a treasured home, and it can be hard to hear criticism of your newest “baby”, which can make showing and negotiating difficult. We offer experts in marketing and selling a home who are enthusiastic, positive, and dedicated to getting the best price for your hard work.

An experienced, skilled real estate team can be your biggest ally in the business of flipping homes. Talk to us today about how we can help you work smarter, run leaner, and increase your flipping profits!