Spring cleaning fever strikes when the weather starts to warm up and you’re tired of being cooped up in the house. The urge to throw open the windows and clean your home of all the winter doldrums and dust-bunnies is contagious! So, while you’re in the cleaning mood, here are 8 spring cleaning projects that protect your home’s value and ensure it looks and feels good!

  1. Wash windows, inside and out. While you’re cleaning the glass, you’re bringing more light into the interior, and you’re able to spot any cracks, chips, or winter damage to the glass, frames, and screens. Windows are expensive, so taking care of them is a great way to protect their value AND your home’s curb appeal. 
  2. Check gutters and roof. While you’re up there cleaning the windows, check the state of your gutters and roof. Any winter damage can be quickly repaired, preventing leaks from causing costly interior repairs.
  3. Clean and freshen the front entry. Whether you have a concrete pad, or an elaborate patio out front, it’s one of the first things your visitors see. A quick sweep, a thorough hosing, and a quick polish to lights and décor can make a big difference in curb appeal. 
  4. Clean the chimney. While most people think of chimney sweeps in the fall, having the chimney cleaned in the spring is wise. A good sweep doesn’t just brush away the creosote built up in your flue, but they check the condition of bricks, mortar, and your chimney cap. That cap keeps birds and squirrels from nesting in your chimney over the spring months, and lowers your risk for chimney and roof fires caused by that nesting material!
  5. Check your vents! If you have a forced-air furnace, vacuum and check your vents to make sure they’re all clean and clear to relieve strain on and add years of life to your furnace and air conditioner. Check those appliance vents, too. Cleaning dryer vents prevents fires, and vacuuming refrigerator vents can keep your fridge running smoothly. 
  6. Siphon sediment. Drain about a quarter of the water from the bottom of your hot water tank, letting it drain away. That water flushes out the sediment that can collect inside, and keeps your tank healthy and efficient. 
  7. Wipe the fans. Cleaning ceiling fans is a dirty job, but it helps keep your air cleaner, too. While you’re up there, switch the rotation to counter-clockwise to help your home stay cooler in the warm months to come. This not only lowers your fuel bills, but helps boost your HVAC system’s cooling power without overtaxing it. 
  8. Clean the carpets. Whether you use a professional, or a DIY machine, cleaning the dirt and dust out of your carpets at least once a year makes them look newer, longer. Your whole home will smell cleaner, too!

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